Monday, March 3, 2014

Into the Garden We Go!

I am a woman with vision! I envision growning enough organic, healthy fruits and veggies to feed my family all year through. I envision working the soil, made black from my composted soil added in, full of nutrients and goodness that will work it's way into our food. I envision canning so as to enjoy our harvest when the snows set in. I envision color, smells, sights to tantalize the eye and enamour the soul. But right now, this is the sight that greets me:

 Snow, snow, and more snow. But that is ok, because as Mother Earth hibernates beneath her blanket of snow, so do I hibernate beneath my down comforter while writing this. And I plan! But I also am realistic. I am a chaos gardener. I will plan my plots with precision, gather my seeds and seedlings with care and knowledge. Plant and mulch the little darlings so they get their best start....and then go inside once it is too hot to stay out and hope for the best. I will return in August and see what there is to harvest and if it is enough, maybe do a bit of canning, but mostly we just eat it as it comes and then say "Ah well...NEXT YEAR!" LOL
So begins the planning of the 2014 Gregor Gardens!

Just this morning, over a breakfast of hot miso soup chock full of firm tofu, and apples with peanut butter(yes that is really what we had...I know, we are a weird bunch)...we started gazing dreamy eyed through the seed catalog. We looked at all the flowers and fruits and veggies and began debating what we wanted, what we could have in our zone, and what we realistically would be willing to do. These things don't EVER mesh when we start our yearly garden ventures. For example, my father in law wanted a pear tree that would produce 5 different pears all on the same tree but we don't have a spot and my husband is allergic to bees (I could just picture the ground littered with rotting pears and drones of bees). My son wanted pomegranates (not the right zone) and my daughter suggested doing a few items that needed careful attention (not our style LOL). But what we did agree on was strawberries, raspberries, and a potted blueberry bush as well as cucumbers, a ton of tomatoes, herbs galore, and maybe some peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash. Onions would be nice, as would edible flowers like geranium, nasturtium, and violets. I envision vegetables and flowers sewn together in a beautiful weed free garden of love.
But we will see.

Last year we put in bleeding hearts, more day lilies, moved a lilac tree and a bunch of lilies that I don't know the name of of, split the hostas and added more perennials in beds that previously had annuals so as to limit the amount of work I need to do so I can enjoy the yard more with the kids and yard work less.

And I have acquired a few baskets that I am going to put out on the steps with potted herbs in them. I got the baskets for free and am going to spray them with water repellent so they last a few seasons and not get too moldy in the rain. I also plan on finding some whimsical wind chimes to add to my collection and hang from the front porch roof. 

All in all the Gardens should be gorgeous and full of life. We are even going to order Mason Bees. These non-stinging bees are great pollinators and easy to house. They lay their eggs in small tubular "rooms" of the bee house. If you want information on them , this is a great website about Mason Bees.

But until the winds blow the warm spring air our way, I will snuggle under my blanket and  plot and plan and dream.

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