Sunday, March 11, 2012

Twas the night before unschooling...

So tomorrow we start unschooling. My daughter has high hopes to just do whatever she wants and sleep all day. Unfortunately , that is not on the agenda. Though they can choose what to learn about and how to do that, this is not just an excuse to start summer vacation early. It is killing me not to start our next unit of worksheets and teachings, but...I am willing to be flexible and try new things too.This should be a learning experience whatever we do.
First up on the unschooling agenda is a trip to the Kennedy Center to see a show about opera. And then perhaps an excursion somewhere before coming home.

She is also starting her reading about Elton John and his contribution to the history of music. I found a great comic book on the history of music that she is devouring. She is telling me all about the sex pistols and Iggy Pop and all sorts of people. My son is starting to read about starfish. He is going to use them to work on his eight table he says. We'll see. I love that they are excited about learning this way. And though I have tons of ideas for what they could and should do with it all, I am going to let them firgure out how to present their learning to me whether it is a project, or just orally telling me about it or whatever. I am exited and nervous about this whole thing. Ah well, in the big picture, 6 weeks will be a blink of the eye. Check back and see how we are as we go along.

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