Friday, August 27, 2010

The First Week of Hell, ooops School

So all the planning is done and the getting things just so is complete. I was ready for the first day of school. The morning dawned...and...the children whined and complained and I cried and yelled and told them they were horrible and that I had gone though a lot to make things great for them and they were ungrateful beasts and forget it and just get out of my sight and no fun stuff for them!!!!!!


So I thought about it, realized I couldn't take it personally, wondered if it could be PMS (which I am happy to report it was) and went back into the schoolroom with a smile on my face...TO START AGAIN.  And we all approached it more gently and with respect for one another. And actually had a fine time of it.
          So we didn't have such a good start, but that's what do overs are for and since then , we have had a fine time of it. I am noticing where I have to tweak the curriculum for this one and that one and how I need to drop grammer to one day a week orally, leaving Language Arts 3 days and Spelling 2 days (not including the test on a third day). The original grammer 3 days, LA 5 days and Spelling 5 days was just too much and I see that now. Plus we didn't have a really good Math day and by tweeking LA it allows for Math 3 days with review the other 2 days. All in all, it will be a good year. Next week I am going to work the Yoga into the morning routine and concentrate on getting their drawing lessons going as well.

And then when we get everything going in a wonderfully smooth rhythm...we will start the field trips! We must have a field trip a week from Sept to Nov. It is going to be a fun fall!

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