Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moon Camp Coming Up!

So I always seem to have these cool ideas, get others involved and then dread the activity LOL. I stress that although I think it will be fun and neat, that others will think it is boring and not worth their time. So we have Moonday Camp coming this next week. We are getting together with some of our other friends who Worship in the Earth Religions and teaching the kids a little about the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. One mother is teaching Yoga poses for each element and one mother is doing some Chakra stuff with them. I am putting together a lapbook that they will fill in about the elements. It should be very cool. We are going to sew dream journals, bake pizza,  make beads from salt dough, do sunprints, and meditate. The kids will also paint, play with water balloons, and dance to lively pagan music while spinning like tornados. It should be a fun time!

In the meantime, we have cubscouts Waterballoon Battleship this weekend and Sunday we may go hiking. Lots to do in our busy world.

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