Sunday, August 22, 2010

Twas two nights before school starts...

twas two nights before school starts, and all through the house
.the chidren are sleeping and Mom's on the couch
Blogging about all the fun that they've had
the whole summer long with she and with Dad.

But inside Mom giggles and jumps just a bit
Can't wait for on Monday, in the schoolroom they'll sit
With new pencils and books, their eager bright faces
Ready to learn about new people and places.

Ok, the reality is that the children will frown
When introduced to the new subjects in town
But that is ok cause when given the choices
"Stay at home to learn" say both of their voices

So on English, on Math, on Science and Art
and let's not forget History playing it's part
But until Monday comes and the school bell does ring.
A trip to the mall is just the thing.

This year we are using a lot of the same stuff for both but here it is:
For Tristan:
-Explode the Code and Sequencial Spelling
-Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange Level
-Evan Moor's Daily Science grade 4
-Charlotte Mason English for the thoughtful child
-Story of the World Part II: Middle Ages
-Drawing for Children (as an art curriculum)
-Eclectic Math based on "What Your 2nd Grader Needs To Know"

For Hannah:
-K12 Spelling grade 4
-LLATL Orange level
-Evan Moor Science greade 4
-Charlotte Mason Simply Grammer
-Story of the World Part II: Middle Ages
-Drawing for Children
-Eclectic Math based on "What your 4th grader needs to know"

This year should be fun and challenging for them both.

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