Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Morning After

Well, it is almost 9am and the girls are still asleep as far as I know. I looked in on them a bit ago and it was silent in the tent. My husband is "standing guard" out on a buffalo robe and all is well.
Daddy protecting the girls!
Opps I spoke too soon. The girls are now up and squealing! LOL I just gathered in a who bunch of tomatos and zuchinni and BASIL. I love the smell of basil in my kitchen. So the day is beginning with bacon and eggs and a few more games to finish out the badges the juniors are working on. Then it is time for them to break down the campsite, clean out the fire pit, and leave no trace of themselves.
This afternoon after dropping them off to their mothers we are heading to our friends farm for a friendly gathering and a feast. I cannot wait. This is the last time I will see some of these folks till next summer. Oh and somewhere in all that we have to fit in a primer lesson, maybe we will do that tonight before bed. I want to try and keep it fairly regular, every Sunday so that it becomes routine for the kids.

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