Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girl (scout) s Just Want To Have Fun!

My daughter is in the middle of a GirlScout Birthday party. We are earning 2 patches and the girls will go home with some more camping knowledge that they may or may not have had when they arrived. So far they have put up the tent, made up the fire (not lit yet), make fruit salad and dehydrated strawberries in a solar oven, learned about personal hygiene and what colors they look best in, played some balloon games, opened birthday presents and gone on a treasure hunt.
After their free time they will make, eat , and clean up dinner, play some more games, light the fire, sing songs, get jammies on, have sparklers, and end the night with fireworks before retiring to their tent. I am fairly strict about bedtimes and as this is a party, I am allowing talking till 11pm but NO LATER (I am actually hoping to enforce 10:30 but it will depend when they get into their sleep sacks)!
Oh, and before they go to sleep they will do a friendship circle where they take turns sitting in the middle as their friends give them compliments. This is actually hard for girls and women to do. We want to blow them off or say, "Oh, no, I am not that". This is good for self esteem to be able to TAKE a compliment.

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