Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well camp is over and the house is clean once more. Mooncamp was a huge success! We had 6 children and they learned all about Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. We made lapbooks that the children added to as the week went by. Everyday it was grounding and yoga and crafts and running amuck in the back yard. Everyday there were stories to touch the soul and teach them about where they came from and where they are heading. I was surprised that even the oldest were entranced with the picture books I selected. I was afraid some were too young, but they loved them. We did guided meditations and it was amazing what the children shared about their individual journeys. And although this was supposed to be a one time thing, the children and Moms liked it so much that we've decided to meet once a month and continue the fun.

 These photos are of Tristan doing yoga, Hannah nature sketching, and of the Elves surrounded by all the elements that the girls put together.

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